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    The Being

    This slab-style lounge topped with luxurious canvas cushions was made for just being. Its side bench extension is the reachable home your coffee, vino and good read are always searching for — you’re welcome.


    Excess Sideboard sits on the left hand side of the lounge and is 40cm long. Allow an extra 15-20cm for the cushion height.

    Small / H-23cm x D-90cm x L-260cm (inc. 40cm sideboard)

    Large / H-23cm x D-90cm x L-320cm (inc. 40cm sideboard)

    X Large / H-23cm x D-90cm x L-360cm (inc. 40cm sideboard)

    100% Teak Wood

    Please note - all Teak Wood products are sealed however may show marks when liquid/ moisture is applied due to being very porous. We keep this product as close to its natural characteristics as possible and expect it to wear with time. Please read Customer Care on how to care for your products. 

    All sale items are final, no returns.

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