Family & Form

Huski is a story of family and form.

Founded by partners Abbey Ginns and Bryce Williams, Huski Studios is a family owned and run furniture company that was born from a mutual love of timeless design and beautiful forms.

Co creators Abbey and Bryce - who spend their time between Indonesia and Australia, joined creative forces and combined their expertise in design, styling and production to turn a shared dream of co-creating into something truly special, into a reality.

And so, Huski Studios was born.

Huski fuses timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship and high quality, ethically-sourced materials to create products that are not only made to last, but to turn your house into the home you’ve been forever dreaming about.

Every design has been thoughtfully created to be used, loved, and to become memory-makers for the rest of your time, before being passed down through the generations for years to come.